Who We Are

Capital Cardiovascular Specialists strive to provide patients with state-of-the-art technology, advanced prevention and treatment of cardiac disease and the highest quality of medical care, resulting in enhanced cardiovascular health and lifestyles.

Our Approach

Patient Care

We are helping to raise the standard of cardiovascular care in Austin by offering our patients the most advanced cardiovascular testing capabilities and cutting edge corrective procedures available.

As cardiologists, we care about all of our patients cardiovascular needs, from their heart to every artery in the body. We are currently the only group in Austin dedicated to a unique clinical approach in which each patient sees the most qualified specialist in any given area of need. Our highly trained team sees each patient in their respective area of care: prevention, testing, intervention, electrophysiology, and when necessary, surgery.

We take an aggressive approach to prevention and it is now possible to correct most serious vascular problems without surgery. However, when there are cases of severe arterial blockage, we are able to provide new minimally invasive procedures using coronary "stents" (interventional cardiology) that cause a minimum amount physiological disruption, patients are often home within 24-hours, and we often save lives.

We work diligently to respond to our referring physicians' and patients' immediate needs by accepting new patients within 48-hours of referral and ensuring fast test results. We have the only accredited nuclear cardiology laboratory and certified echocardiography laboratory in Central Texas. This commitment to speed and testing allows us to provide critical information to make better medical decisions that can save lives.